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UW Translational Precision Radiation Core



The UW Translational Precision Radiation Core provides technology and support for laboratory irradiation (x-rays, protons) with extremely high (sub-millimeter) precision. The Core can accommodate cell cultures, mice or rats. The Core can be used to deliver tumorcidal doses that are focused to a lesion while sparing normal tissues or can be used to irradiate normal tissues to a range of doses at specific locations.


The centerpiece of the Core is a radiation platform that is capable of irradiating cell cultures as well as mice and rats with an x-ray or proton beam whose size can be controlled down to less than 1 mm. The platform also provides high-resolution CT imaging that can be used to target the radiation beam. This allows the tumor to be irradiated to high doses while delivering almost no radiation dose to surrounding normal tissues.

Unique to the UW system, a beam of protons is also available for experiments as needed. The beam size can be controlled down to 2 mm and is integrated into the x-ray/CT platform. This beam is specifically designed for laboratory radiation experiments.

Beam dosimetry, treatment planning, and animal preparation space are also available.


Equipment: Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) from XSTRAHL Inc. (xstrahl.com)
50 MeV Cyclotron maintained by the UW Cyclotron Center

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