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Single-molecule, real-time (SMRT) sequencing is a third generation sequencing technology that generates long-read (ten thousand to a hundred thousand bases) length DNA and cDNA sequences. With the PacBio Sequel instrument, we are able to generate high-quality single-molecule consensus sequences of cDNA and amplicons <10 kbp long and contiguous sequence reads of 10-50 kbp length for genome assembly and other long-read applications. Submitted DNA samples are not PCR amplified, leading to reduced GC bias, improved sensitivity in complex or repetitive DNA regions, and the potential to collect information about individual base modifications. We offer services in library preparation from DNA or RNA in addition to sample sequencing.

We provide library preparations and sequencing for:

Large-insert gDNA

  • SMRTbell Template Preparation(8-20kb)
  • SMRTbell Express Template Preparation (20kb+)

BAC-based DNA

Purified PCR products

Multiplex amplicons. Multiplex up to 16 amplicons.

Multiplex small genomes (microbes). Multiplex up to 8 small genomes.*

Transcriptome and Isoform sequencing with PacBio’s Iso-Seq protocol. This service includes cDNA generation from PolyA+ or total RNA and SMRTbell addition.

*Maximum number of genomes per pool is dependent on expected genome size.

Type: Equipment/Services

Equipment: PacBio Sequel Sequencer, Agilent Bioanalyzer, Advanced Analytical FEMTO Pulse, Sage Science BluePippin, Sage Science PippinHT, Sage Science SageELF

Services: SMRTbell Library Prep, PacBio Sequencing, Sample QC

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Analytical/bioanalytical, Analytical Chemistry, DNA sequencing, cDNA sequencing

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Long read sequencing