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The Tracelab is a mass spectrometry facility for the analysis of trace elements in natural and man made materials. We help users from within UW as well as federal partners, external research groups, and industry through methods development, measurements, and data analysis.


Designed to uncover the geological and biological processes that shape our planet, reconstruct past climate, track animal migration, and quantify trace metal contamination. We work with water, minerals, biological samples, and synthetic materials. We conduct small scale mapping as well as bulk analysis. To see if we can support your trace element research email us at jakubs2@uw.edu.


Element2 High-Resolution Magnetic Sector ICP-MS
iCap RQ Quadrupole ICP-MS
Analyte.G2 Excimer Laser (193 nm)
seaFAST automated matrix removal and preconcentration system (seawater samples)
prepFAST MC automated column chromatography system (Pb, Sr, and other metal separation)
miroFAST A/S capable of injecting just 10s of microliters for limited volume samples
Class 1000 Clean Room with Class 10 workstations
Buehler AutoMet 250 Grinder-Polisher
Buehler VibroMet-2 Vibratory polisher
Off-site data backup, user office, private online data access
Trace metal sample preparation
Method development, data analysis, instrument training.

Keywords: General

Water, Seawater, Porewater, biological, tissue, food, mineral, Zircon, geochronology, isotope, Otolith, Fish, paleo, climate, mapping, Sediment, Cleanroom

Keywords: Specific

Analytical Laboratory, Testing, Trace Metals, ICP-MS, Laser Ablation, Trace Element