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Photonics Research Center



The Photonics Research Center is a multi-user shared research facility located in Bagley Hall 453 and 459 and houses state-of-the art equipment for the fabrication, materials characterization, and device testing associated with thin film optoelectronic devices. The primary goal of the center is to facilitate research and development of organic electronic and optoelectronic devices such as thin-film transistors, energy efficient light-emitting diodes, and solar cells. At the core of the facility are two inert atmosphere processing and thin-film deposition systems that allow for sample preparation and device testing without exposing samples to water and oxygen. This capability is essential to making high-performance, durable devices from organic semiconductors, but may be used by other users provided their processes are compatible with the processes of established users. An extensive array of equipment for the optical and electrical characterization of materials and thin film devices is also available for use in and out of the gloveboxes.



  • Signatone probe station
  • Solar simulator
  • Spin coaters (2 in glove box, 1 open-air)
  • Angstrom Amod and Evovac Thermal and Electron-beam Evaporators
  • Nicolet 8700 FTIR Spectrometer
  • Picoquant Pulsed Laser Diode Fluorescence Lifetime System (TCSPC)
  • Hamamatsu Quantum Yield and LED test system
  • Autolab Galvanostat/Potentiostat with Avantes AvaSpec spectrometer

Keywords: General

Clean Energy, Photonics, Optoelectronics, Fabrication, Characterization, Photovoltaics, Electrochemistry

Keywords: Specific

FTIR spectrometer, Plasma cleaner, Spin coater, Vacuum evaporator, Electrical Characterization, Device Fabrication, Fluorescence Lifetime, TCSPC, Glove Box, Photoluminescence Quantum Yield, Integrating Sphere, Galvanostat, Probe Station