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ITHS Translational Research Units



The ITHS Translational Research Units (TRU) offer investigators the support and infrastructure needed to conduct clinical and translational research in adults, children, and dentistry.


The Institute of Translational Health Sciences is dedicated to speeding science to clinic practice for the benefit of patients and communities throughout Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and beyond. ITHS promotes this translation of scientific discovery to practice by fostering innovative research, cultivating multi-disciplinary research partnerships, and ensuring a pipeline of next generation researchers through robust educational and career development programs.

Type: Equipment/Facilities/Services

Nursing care, such as blood draws and placement of IVs
Nursing observation and monitoring of vital signs
Intravenous infusions
EKG testing
Use of room-only services with your own staff with access to TRU facilities, equipment, and nursing services (as needed)
Mobile research nursing services (we come to you)
dental research operatories
Biomedical wet lab
Sterilization facilities
pediatric services

Keywords: General

Dental research, translational, nursing, pediatric

Keywords: Specific

Nursing, blood draws, vital signs, Intravenous infusions, Ivs, EKG testing, Mobile research,
dental research operatories, Biomedical wet lab, Sterilization facilities, pediatric