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Fume Hood Inspection and Maintenance



EH&S performs functional performance tests every 15 months to ensure fume hoods perform as required. The performance test typically includes an evaluation of the face velocity, the sound, containment, monitor performance and the tracking ability of a variable air volume control (when applicable). EH&S may also note any observed problem with controls, sash, baffles, plumbing, light or corrosion.


Services, Equipment: Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) provides the following services for laboratories with fume hoods:
– Routine fume hood performance testing developed using SEFA, ANSI/AIHA and ASHRAE standards
– Commission testing and approval for use of new hoods
– Consultation during fume hood shutdowns.
– Consultation on setup and use of fume hoods
– Troubleshoot fume hood performance issues with UW Facilities
– Perform design review for new and renovated facilities
– Maintain a list of approved fume hoods for UW procurement and use
– Maintain a monthly update of fume hood condition on EH&S website.

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