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Digital Microscopy Center (DMC)



The Digital Microscopy Center (DMC) provides resources for high-quality light microscopy and image analysis at the University of Washington. It is organized through a partnership between the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center (VMBHRC) and the Center on Human Development and Disability Clinical Translational Core (CHDD). The DMC is a cost center open to all UW investigators and scientists from other non-profit institutions and the private sector.

Type: Facilities/Equipment/Services

Facility: The DMC is conveniently located near the UW Medical Center. We are in Room CD 175 on the ground floor of the CHDD Clinic Building at 1701 NE Columbia Road. Stops for all medical campus shuttles are within 1 block, on NE Columbia Road.

Equipment: Olympus FV-1000 confocal microscope, Marianas inverted fluorescent microscope with live-cell imaging capabilities, Nikon upright microscope workstation, Huygens deconvolution software workstation, two separate image analysis workstations.

Service: Consulting – providing advice on experimental design, imaging strategies, image analysis. Tools Development – developing or creating tangible items such as macros for Fiji, protocols for labeling, imaging or analysis. Assisted Use – acquiring images on a customer’s samples or operating a workstation image analysis. (Sometimes blurs into Training) Training – teaching operation of instruments or software, teaching advanced techniques or providing a refresher.

Keywords: General

Microscopy, Fluorescence, Confocal, Imaging

Keywords: Specific

Deconvolution, Confocal, Epifluorescence, Live-cell imaging, DIC, Immunohistochemistry, Immunocytochemistry, In situ hybridization, Time Lapse imaging, Stereology, Montage, FIJI, ImageJ, Huygens, Slidebook, 3D stack