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Step 3: Specify Funding Details


This lesson focuses on the third of the four steps for creating a budget: defining funding details.

In this lesson, you'll see how to set

  • Funding Type
  • Project Location
  • Funding Mechanism


Dr. Flynn from the School of Medicine is proposing a research study to be funded by the NIH to take place on campus.

To Select the Funding Type

1.     Select one of two funding types: Research or Training.

Funding type

This example uses the research funding type.


To Select the Location

1.     Select one of five options: APL, Harborview Medical Center, Lake Union Campus, Off Campus, or On Campus.


This example uses the On Campus location.

 On Campus

To Set the Funding Mechanism

1.     Select the Specific Funding Mechanism by choosing from one of the six options in the list box.items.

Funding Mechanism choices

2.     Click the Not Applicable option for this lesson

Not applicable

NOTE: If you select the any of the five funding mechanisms, that choice will override the other values that influence F&A rates.

For specific information on F&A rates and base types for each location and funding mechanism, see Attachment A of the Grants Information Memorandum 13 (GIM 13).

3.     Click the Get Rate button. Get Rate

SAGE adds another section to this page: Facility & Administration (F&A) Rates and Base.

F&A rates

In this section, SAGE displays the default values for Standard First Period F&A Rate and Base Type based on the funding type, location, and specific funding mechanism that you entered above.

4.     If rate or base type doesn't need to be changed, click the Next button, and SAGE will take you to the final step for setting up a budget: Step 4: Access.

For More Information
To learn about building custom F&A rates and base types, see “Custom F&A Rates and Base Types.”

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