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(08) Student Aid


Add Sub-Object Code, number and dollar amount for stipends. Add Sub-Object Code, quarterly tuition rate, inflation increase %, and number of quarters of tuition.

Before You Begin

The (08) Student Aid line is populated from names in the (01) Salaries and Wages line. You can’t add their names on the (08) line.

For example, in (01) Salary and Wages there are two names: Rowan Flynn and Peggy Merrill.

On the Salary and Wages line, SAGE displays both Dr. Flynn’s sub-object code (01-33) and Dr. Merrill’s sub-object code (01-87).

Salary and Wages Line for Student Aid

However, when you open the (08) Student Aid line, SAGE displays Dr. Flynn’s name but not Dr. Merrill’s.

Rowan in Student Aid

Only people with one of the following four sub-object codes will be displayed in the (08) Student Aid line.


In this lesson, you’ll see how to add tuition costs for the first period of the project for Dr. Flynn along with three $500 stipends.

To Add Tuition Costs for Dr. Flynn

1.     Click the Add Tuition and Fees button.

Add Tuition and Fees button

SAGE displays the setup page for tuition and fees.

Setup Tuition Toolbar

This page contains the Description and UW Sub-Object Code fields’ tuition and fee information.

Setup Page details

2.     Click the First Period  First Period.JPG button at the bottom of the page.

SAGE displays the P1 period detail page.

Setup Page details

Here’s where you’ll add the quarterly tuition rate, the quarter-to-quarter increase in amount, and the number of quarters in the period.

P1 period detail page

Enter $3,000 for the quarterly tuition rate, leave the increase % as is, and 3 for the number of quarters in the period.

3.     Click the Save Save button button.

SAGE returns with the values saved and the total tuition calculated at $9,900

Tuition and Stipend Fields

4.     Click the Save and Close Save and Close button  button.

SAGE returns to the worksheet page where the tuition and fees line item has been added under Dr. Flynn’s name.

worksheet line and sum

The total for tuition and fees for P1 is $9,900 and $0.00 for P2.

tuition figures

To Add the Stipend

1.     Click the Add Stipend button on the worksheet.

Add Stipend button

SAGE displays the stipends setup page:

Stipend Setup

2.     Click the First Period First Period button  button.

SAGE displays the P1 period detail page.

P1 detail page

This page contains the # of Stipends and Stipend Amount fields.

Stipend detail fields

3.     Set the number of stipends at 3 and the stipend amount at $500.00.

Stipend detail fields filled

4.     Click the Save and Close Save and Close.JPG  button.

SAGE returns to the worksheet and adds the P1 tuition and stipend expenses for Rowan Flynn at $9,900 and $1,500 respectively.

P1 and P2 figures

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