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(02) Service Contracts


In this lesson, you’ll see how to add UW Sub-Object code, quantity and price information for a service contract.

Before You Begin

To add research subject reimbursement or technical research services, use the (02) Service Contract line. To add consultant travel, freight charges, and membership dues, use the (03) Other Contractual Service line.

To Add (02) Service Contract costs

1.     Click the (02) Service Contracts link then click the Add Service Contract button.

Add Service Contract Button

SAGE displays the Setup page for the new service contract

 New Service Contract

with the Description and the Sub-Object Code fields populated with default values. In this example, it’s New Service Contract and (00) MISC respectively.

Description and Sub-Object Code

2.     Enter a description of the service to be provided and select the appropriate sub-object code. In this example, the contract is for recruiting subjects for a research project (02-34).

Service Contract Sub-Object Code

Below is a partial list of the other kinds of services available for contract.

contract service providers

For a complete list of UW Sub-Object Codes while in SAGE, click the F&A tab on the worksheet then click the Show read-only F&A object codes at the bottom of the page.

3.     Click the First Period First Period Button button.

SAGE displays the Period 1 item detail page

Period 1 (2/26/2010-2/26/2011)

with the Quantity and Price fields set to default values.

Quality and Price

4.     Fill in the quantity and price information for the line item. Here, it’s a one-time price for recruiting 30 subjects at $50 each.


5.     At this point you can click one of these four options:

Save Button

Click the Save button and SAGE saves the data but leaves the Setup page open.

Save and Close Button

Click the Save and Close button and SAGE saves your data, closes the setup page and displays the worksheet.

Line Setup link button

Click the Line Setup link and SAGE saves your data and returns you to the Setup page where you can edit the Description or Sub-Object Code if needed.

Next Period button.JPG

Click the Next Period button and SAGE displays the next period detail page where you can extend or modify the contract for the service.

If you click the Save button, SAGE calculates the total cost of the service and displays it at the bottom of the page.

Total $1,500.00

If you click the Save and Close button, SAGE closes the page and displays the worksheet.

NOTE: (02) line items do not automatically carry forward from one period to the next. If you want to add something for more than one period, it has to be set up in each period.

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