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Product Update Archives: August 2012

New Features in SAGE

Changes may be made to PI & Personnel page after the eGC1 has been approved by OSP.
Disclosure notifications to investigators to complete a disclosure in FIDS can now be sent from the eGC1 PI and Personnel Page
eGC1 On the Certify and Route pages, eGC1s cannot be completed until all investigators have received disclosure notifications.
eGC1 Preparers can select Investigator status on the PI and Personnel Page.
History of post-approval PI & Personnel changes is displayed on the eGC1 PI and Personnel Page.
On the eGC1 Certify and Route page, Ready to Submit cannot be marked as "Yes" until all investigators have completed their disclosures in FIDS.
SAGE is now integrated with FIDS, and the SAGE PI and Personnel page shows each investigator's SFI status.
The eGC1 PI and Personnel Page shows the FIDS disclosure status.
The PHS FCOI training status now displays on the PI and Personnel Page.

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