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Is there a way to change the benefit rate in SAGE Budget? I need to update the current benefits rate to the proposed rate that will be effective when my proposal is awarded.

SAGE Budget now recognizes the approved benefit rates for the current fiscal year and the preliminary rates for the next fiscal year. When creating your budget, you can choose to use either just the current rates or preliminary rates. The system will use the appropriate rate based on the starting date of each period.

Once the preliminary rates are officially approved and available, you can easily update the benefit rates in your budget. To make sure your revised budget is submitted to the sponsor, update it prior to OSP review.

To update the rates, click the Properties tab. In the Global Attributes section, verify your choice of benefit rate type (current-only or preliminary), then click on the Update Benefit Rates link. This will update the rates for all personnel, for all periods.

To update just a specific individual, click the Salary and Wages line of your budget worksheet, click the name of the person whose benefit rate you want to update, and navigate to the first budget period in which the rates need to be updated. Under Benefits, click Update Rate. This will update the benefit rate for this person for the current and all future budget periods.

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