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Northwest Institute of Genetic Medicine



The Northwest Institute of Genetic Medicine is a collaboration of Institutions funded by the Washington State Life Sciences Discovery Fund, UWMC, and Seattle Children’s Hospital, which includes Group Health, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute, and biotechnology. The goal of the Northwest Institute of Genetic Medicine is to support translational genetic research by improving access of clinical investigators to cutting edge human subject support, informatics and phenotype definition, genomic technologies, and innovative genetic analyses. This will include a pilot biorepository of Group Health subjects with deep phenotyping accessible via their long-term electronic medical records. We will also study the outcomes of utilizing genetic information in the clinic.

Support of translational genetic studies will improve competitiveness for federal grant funding of academic research which should lead to improved personalized medical care, prevention strategies, and improved health care outcomes at lower cost. This will also put Washington State at the forefront of biomedical research in public and private sectors, stimulating economic growth.