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National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS)



Japan’s National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) has established an Overseas Operation Office at the University of Washington (UW) to promote collaborative research programs between NIMS and the UW. The office emphasizes collaboration with universities, national laboratories and industry partners in the Pacific Rim region in interdisciplinary research and application fields. These fields include medical, earth, space, environment and materials sciences.

Our opening reception fostering young researchers and students through mutual exchange programs between the UW and NIMS is another important objective of the office’s mission. Strong partnership between the UW and NIMS will further facilitate collaboration with U.S. companies, with the ultimate goal of launching joint-venture companies as a spin-off of Overseas Operation Office research efforts.

Funding Information

National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan

Reporting Structure

Kenji Kitamura, NIMS Fellow

External Partners

Japan’s National Institute of Materials Sciences (NIMS)