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Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS)



The Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to discovering the fundamental principles of human learning that will enable all children to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to become the world’s foremost research generator on early learning and development. We will translate and disseminate cutting-edge research discoveries to global constituents in order to help unify the science of learning and the practice of learning.

We believe that scientific study of the developing mind and brain is the next great research frontier and that discoveries in the next decade will be comparable to those in genetics, biotechnology, and informatics. Our goal is to make Seattle and the Institute the nexus of 21st century research on the science of early learning. We seek to quicken the pace of discoveries that make a difference to theory and practice. By conducting innovative research and disseminating this knowledge to international audiences, we will advance the understanding and appreciation of the importance of learning throughout the lifespan.

Core Services Offered

I-LABS Technical Services/Multimedia Support offers timely, effective technology support for research, including centralized scheduling, data base services, file storage, and backup services.

The Multimedia Lab provides support for video, graphics, photography, imaging and web design, as well as computers and video equipment for institute faculty and staff.

Funding Information

National Science Foundation: Counteracting Stereotypes 2021-2024
Private Foundation: Brain, Behavior, Infancy 2021-2024
Private Foundation: Brain and Behavior 2019-2024
National Institutes of Health: Music Intervention 2019-2022
US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences: 2018-2022
National Institutes of Health: Origins of Literacy 2018-2022
National Science Foundation: LIFE Center 2004-2017
National Institutes of Health: Development Speech Perception and Brain Plasticity 2007-2012
Life Science Discovery Fund: Early Learning and Brain Development­–MEG Brain Imaging Center for Infants and Children 2008-2013

Reporting Structure

Dianne Haris, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences