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East Asia Center



The East Asia Center’s mission is to advance knowledge of China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan through undergraduate and graduate programs, faculty research, and outreach programs for the larger community. It builds capacity for teaching about East Asia at the University, provides FLAS fellowships for students of East Asian languages, invests in faculty research and professional development, engages community members in East Asia-related programs, provides training and support to professionals, and provides support for the building of East Asia-related resources and publications at the University. The Center coordinates many East Asia-related activities on- and off-campus, and serves as a nexus linking faculty and resources from across the University.

The Center collaborates with other Jackson School outreach centers, local community organizations and civic institutions, and partner institutions from across the country, and serves as a regional clearinghouse for information related to East Asia.

Core Services Offered

Courses on East Asia and outreach on East Asia.

Funding Information

Department of Education, Title VI funding 2018-2021

Reporting Structure

Leela Fernandes, Director, Jackson School of International Studies

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