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Center for the Design of Analog-Digital Integrated Circuits (CDADIC)



The mission of the Center for the Design of Analog-Digital Integrated Circuits (CDADIC) is to integrate the needs of diverse faculty and diverse students into engineering education.

Core Services Offered

Circuit Design: Developing new mixed-mode circuit designs for high-precision, low-voltage, high-speed, etc. applications.

Modeling/Simulation: Constructing accurate computer models of circuits, devices and interconnects as well as developing methodologies to evaluate, test and characterize new and existing circuit simulators and/or improve speed and efficiency for analog-digital simulation.

Design Methodology: Developing systematic methods for design which incorporate the reuse of existing designs, module generation and automatic layout of analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits.


Funding Information

National Science Foundation (NSF) 1989-1994
Department of Electrical Engineering 1989-1994
Graduate School 1989-1994
College of Engineering 1989-1994
National Science Foundation (NSF) 1995-2004
WTC 1989-1991
Air Force 2004-2010
National Science Foundation (NSF) 2010-2011

Reporting Structure

Andreas Weisshaar, Professor at OSU

External Partners

Oregon State University (OSU)
Washington State University (WSU)
University of Washington (UW)
University of Tennessee