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Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education (CAEE)



The mission of the Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education (CAEE) is to:

  • Understand and enhance the engineering student learning experience
  • Integrate the needs of diverse faculty and diverse students into engineering education
  • Strengthen the engineering education research base
  • Expand the community of leaders in engineering education
  • Promote effective teaching for current and future faculty

Core Services Offered

Established in 1998, the University of Washington’s Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching (CELT) does research on engineering education, with the goal of improving engineering learning and teaching. CELT’s recent focus areas include design learning and representations, students’ learning experiences and their preparation for professional practice, the roles of reflection in engineering education, and how to incorporate research findings with teaching innovations.

Funding Information

National Science Foundation (NSF) 1999-2012
Boeing 1999-2019
Bowen Endowment 2000-2005
GE FUND 2001-2005
Provost 2003-2009
CSEE 2006-2007
Ford 2001-2007

Reporting Structure

Eve Riskin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Education

Related UW Entities

Internal Advisory Board, members are: O’Donnell, Soma, Bransford, Wasley

External Partners

19 non-UW faculty representing 12 additional universities
Organizational affiliates (not listed in Team):