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The Center for Leadership in Athletics develops effective leaders and leadership practices that maximize the positive, educational impact of athletics

Core Services Offered

Training and professional development for athletic administrators, coaches, policy-makers, researchers about the role of an athletics enterprise to ensure the positive impact sports can have on students and community.

Research from the Front Porch
The Center conducts and disseminates research focused on improving the leadership and management practices in athletics. Research activities include:

  • Project Play: The Center for Leadership in Athletics is working to bring the Aspen Institute’s national initiative, Project Play, to King County starting with the State of Play report. The State of Play report initiates a regional commitment to reimagining youth sport and addressing inequities in youth access to physical activity through sports, play, and outdoor recreation.
  • Ambitious Coaching Project: Ambitious Coaching is the UW Center for Leadership in Athletic’s term for high quality sports coaching. Ambitious Coaching is a holistic approach to individual and team instruction that blends social emotional growth and improved sports performance. Targeted to student athletes from elementary school through college, in any sport, Ambitious Coaching serves as the cornerstone for the Center’s coach training and professional development.

Reporting Structure

Mia Tuan, Dean, College of Education

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