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Bracken Pharmacy Learning Center



In the Bracken Pharmacy Learning Center (BPLC), is named for L.D. Bracken and Jim L. Bracken, longtime leaders of the pharmacy profession in Washington. In the learning center, PharmD students develop the essential skills of a Husky pharmacist to provide patient-centered care. Special attention is given to the development of patient and provider communication skills, hands-on skills (point-of-care testing, immunizations, compounding different formulations, etc.), practice with technology used in practice (collecting information from electronic health records or dispensing systems), critical thinking, and decision-making skills needed to be a pharmacist provider.

The learning center also supports interprofessional student learning interactions that are central to the changing roles of pharmacists on a clinical team, training of preceptors that support the school’s experiential education program, and training of pharmacy residents and practitioners in the Pharmacy Teaching Certificate program.

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