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RRF Scholar Replacement Salary Budget Instructions

The following information is intended ONLY for RRF Scholar Awardees who have been awarded one quarter of release time.

Upon Receipt of the Award

The RRF Scholar Program is designed to support faculty release time for one quarter by funding replacement salary costs to the department. If the RRF Scholar award has been made in conjunction with additional RRF project funding, follow the procedures outlined in the Guidelines for RRF Grants for that non-Scholar portion of your award. Funding of the release time component will be handled separately from the remainder of the award.

The following items MUST be completed and submitted by all RRF Scholar recipients BEFORE replacement salary funds may be released:

1. Prepare a revised replacement salary budget, including:

  • name and rank of the individual assuming your teaching responsibilities
  • course name, number, and credit hours
  • actual replacement salary costs, excluding benefits

2. Send to Karen Luetjen (luetjen@uw.edu) six weeks prior to the quarter during which release time will be taken.

  • When the budget is approved, the Office of Research will transfer funds equal to the approved salary, plus benefits, to your RRF account. If additional project funding had already been awarded, the RRF Scholar funding will be added to the same account.
  • Department funds from the unused portion of your position will be used to pay replacement teaching costs. A portion of your salary equal to the approved replacement cost will be paid on your RRF account.

The Office of Research will work closely with your department’s administrative staff to facilitate the RRF Scholar funding. A RRF Scholar example is provided on the following page:

All correspondence and questions regarding the RRF Scholar Program should be directed to Karen Luetjen, Office of Research, Box 351202, 616-9089, FAX 685-9210, luetjen@uw.edu.