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Apply for an Office of Research-hosted Meal and Discussion on Equity in Research for Excellence

The Office of Research and DEI Task Force welcomes UW researchers’ proposals to organize a meal-centric event where you and 10-15 colleagues would discuss approaches towards, and aspirations for, equity in research for excellence (as described in a recent task force report sponsored by the Office of Research).

The events are meant to help identify interest in, experience with, expertise about, and ideas for equity in research for excellence and would reflect upon last year’s Office of Research DEI Task Force’s report. These events can take place over breakfast, lunch or afternoon refreshments and will be sponsored and supported by the Office of Research. Within one month after the event, the organizer should submit a short report listing participants and their interest/experience in equity in research, outlining discussion topics, and summarizing ideas for building/supporting the community of researchers interested in equity in research for excellence.

Application details

The application form requires answers to the following questions:

  1. Who is proposing and organizing this event?
  2. How will you approach the event to facilitate the discussion and advance insights on equity in research for excellence?
  3. Who are you planning to invite to the event?
  4. Which diversity leaders and research leaders have agreed to attend your event?
  5. Who will facilitate the discussion, and who will be the budget contact?

We encourage you to collaborate on the event with colleagues in at least one other department and to bring together UW Diversity Leads and Research Leaders from the schools/colleges to join your event. You can find a link for each unit’s Diversity Leads on the right panel of this page and your research leaders can be found at your school’s or college’s leadership website.

Please complete the application form at the link below with your event proposal. This is a limited opportunity for a total of 15 events sponsored across UW campuses, so don’t delay and apply now!

NB: Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis from now until December 15, 2024, and events can take place from May 1, 2024 until March 15, 2025.

Apply now
The Office of Research will reimburse you for the cost of the food/meals, any materials required for the event, and room reservation expenses for up to $400 (depending on the allowable UW per diem costs).