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DEI STEM Faculty Recruitment Initiative


As part of the UW Faculty Diversity Initiative (FDI) announced by Provost Richards, the UW will provide startup funds to assist in hiring faculty at the UW Seattle campus. These funds are reserved for recruitment of faculty in the STEM disciplines (broadly defined) with a proven history of supporting and mentoring BIPOC students, post-docs, and/or early-career colleagues; conducting research that benefits underrepresented or underserved communities, and/or significantly participating in programs and activities that are aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion in their field.

Funding starts in FY22 and is available for recruitments carried out during Winter and Spring Quarters of 2021 in which the candidate will start their position after July 1, 2021. The priority is tenure-track faculty. Requests can be for a maximum of 1/3 of total startup to a maximum Provost contribution of $500,000. The funding may be used for any research-related purpose, including faculty salary.

Process for Applications

  • The hiring unit head (Chair, Director, Dean) makes the request. Applications should be made at the point in the recruitment process when you are ready to make an offer. We are committed to providing rapid turnaround on decisions.
  • Fill out the Provost STEM DEI Startup Form.
  • Send the form, the candidate’s CV, and the candidate’s diversity statement to vpresearch@uw.edu with the subject line: DEI STEM Startup Request for [add name of candidate].


Program Management

The Office of Research will manage this new STEM-focused program, in partnership with the Office for Faculty Advancement.


Mari Ostendorf, Vice Provost for Research
Chadwick Allen, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement


Procedures Upon Approval

  • Approval of requests will be officially documented through an Office of Research commitment letter signed by the Vice Provost for Research. This letter provides the details of the commitment, as well as an official reference number to be used by the Dean’s office when claiming the funds through BGT. A signed hard copy and an electronic copy will be mailed to the School/College Dean(s). This will serve as the formal notification of the commitment.
  • Receipt of Startup Funds is contingent upon the faculty member accepting the job offer.
  • When the faculty member joins UW, the Dean’s Office should claim the Startup Funds through BGT.
  • The Dean’s Office will prepare a BRR. In the notes section of the BRR, please enter the total amount claimed as well as the Startup Funds reference number (listed on the commitment letter). Email the BRR number and total amount claimed to the Office of Research at Orfunds@uw.edu.
  • The Office of Research will complete the BRR and email the Budget Revision number to the Dean’s Office.


  • Faculty Startup Fund Form: This PDF must be completed and sent to vpresearch@uw.edu by email along with the candidate’s CV, and the candidate’s diversity statement. Add the subject line: DEI STEM Startup Request for [add name of candidate].
  • Budget Revision Request (BRR): A BRR is a request for an electronic transfer of funds, typically prepared by a School/College’s Dean’s Office

About This Policy

Content Creator: Mary Lidstrom, Vice Provost for Research, Office of Research
Effective Date: 1/10/2021
Update: Update Mari Ostendorf, VPR, 9/1/21