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It is typical to collaborate with other UW faculty on research grants. Faculty compensation should be included at the appropriate percentage in the budget at proposal stage. It is essential to ensure the identified faculty is eligible to participate. Be sure to discuss any compensation arrangements with your department administrator before writing compensation amounts into the budget. The department administrator can help to determine eligibility and appropriate compensation arrangement.

Staff positions are sometimes included in a grant proposal budget. These are harder to justify since sponsors typically expect that such administrative activities are included in Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A). Check sponsor requirements before writing staff positions into the budget. Carefully read GIM 23 and budget development to understand when budgeting such costs as a direct cost may be justified. Review criteria for including administrative and clerical positions as direct costs and work with your department administrator to determine if the staff person is eligible.


  • Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for ensuring all paid positions have been identified and are correctly budgeted in the proposal budget.
  • PIs are responsible for including in the budget narrative all paid positions and how these positions will contribute directly to the proposed research.
  • Department administrators can assist the grant preparer by consulting with academic HR or HR to determine eligibility of identified faculty and staff, determine the appropriate pay structure/classification and percentages, calculate benefits rates and salaries over the lifetime of the proposed budget.
  • The budget preparer can help to anticipate changing personnel needs by asking questions of the research team regarding possible or known personnel events such as employee contract periods, projected student graduation dates, and personnel needs for related projects throughout the project to limit frequency and impact of unexpected changes that could potentially harm deliverables.


  • Ensure identified faculty are eligible and available at the effort level and duration needed for the project.
  • Include compensation and fringe benefits in the proposal budget.
  • Check your sponsor requirements to make sure that you can include administrative salaries in the budget.
  • Work closely with your department administrator to ensure your compensation figures are accurate and include all associated costs.