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Office of Research (OR)

Startup Funds Request

The Provost's Office is committed to assisting educational units recruit outstanding faculty members with research agendas that are both multiplicative and interdisciplinary. Research and education are carried out largely at the department, school, and college level and it is, in general, the role of those units to support these efforts. The Provost's Office will assist in special cases, as noted below.


The following guidelines are intended to assist academic units, schools, and colleges in making requests for institutional support for faculty startup funds.

Persons Affected

  • Hiring officials and their respective Chair's and Dean's office requesting startup funds.
  • Vice Provost for Research and the Office of Research administrative staff


The Provost's Office dedicates startup resources for recruitment of especially outstanding faculty who will add value to the broad vision of the University, particularly to those involved in multidisciplinary research agendas of particular strategic importance for the University as a whole.

  • Requests should be sent from the dean's office of the primary appointment. If multiple deans are involved, concurrence of the other dean's offices should be noted.
  • Startup funds requests to the Provost's Office should consider the following characteristics of the new faculty member:
    • The candidate's standing in the field and potential to be transformational at the UW. Evidence should be presented that this is a special recruitment opportunity for both research and education.
    • The candidate's ability to create or strengthen ties to other units or leverage existing strengths across units. Cluster hires across colleges and schools are of special interest as well as hires that build on trans-college/school initiatives in which the Provost has already invested.
    • How the candidate's diversity, in terms of ethnicity and/or other parameters, will enrich the UW.
    • The candidate's potential return on investment, specifically focusing on the funding prospects for their research agenda.
  • The Provost will provide 50% of the startup package for recruitments that are approved for support.


Provost Startup Fund Request Form(pdf)
PDF form available on the Office of Research Startup Fund webpage that must be completed and emailed to the Vice Provost for Research and Office of Research Fiscal Specialist for approval and processing.
Commitment Letter
This letter provides the details of the startup commitment and acts as an official reference number to be used by the Dean's office when claiming funds through BGT. Hard and electronic copies of this commitment letter will be sent to the Dean.
Budget Revision Request (BRR)
A BRR is a request for an electronic transfer of funds, typically prepared by a School/College's Dean's Office


  • The Vice Provost for Research is responsible for approving requests for startup funds and issuing a formal commitment letter.
  • The Dean's Office of the candidate's primary academic department is responsible for completing and submitting a Provost Startup Fund Request form.
  • The School/College Administrator is responsible for preparing a Budget Revision Request (BRR) for sending the BRR numbertoORfunds@uw.edu for merging.
  • The Office of Research is responsible for completing the transfer of money upon receiving a Budget Revision Request (BRR) from a School/College Administrator.


  • Hiring official and department chair discuss startup request with their Dean's Office. Typically, requests are for direct costs that will help the new faculty member fund his or her research program.
  • Department and Dean's Office finalize request. If multiple Dean's Offices are involved, the Dean's Office of the faculty member's primary appointment will take the lead in coordinating the request.
  • Dean's Office makes the formal request by completing the Provost Startup Fund Request form and submitting it via email to ORfunds@uw.edu. Please include the candidate's CV when submitting your request. Requests must be made through the Dean's office. Requests coming directly from the department will not be considered. In the case of interdisciplinary appointments/requests, the Dean's Office of the faculty member's primary appointment will make the request, but note approvals of additional Deans' Offices in the email.
  • The Vice Provost for Research will review the request. Turnaround time will be kept to 24 hours whenever possible.
  • Approval of requests will be officially documented through an Office of Research commitment letter signed by the Vice Provost for Research. This letter provides the details of the match commitment, as well as an official reference number to be used by the Dean's office when claiming the funds through BGT. A signed hard copy and an electronic copy will be mailed to the School/College Dean(s). This will serve as the formal notification of the commitment.
  • Receipt of Startup Funds is contingent upon the faculty member accepting the job offer.
  • When the faculty member joins UW, the Dean's Office should claim the Startup Funds through BGT.
  • The Dean's Office will prepare a BRR. In the notes section of the BRR, please enter the total amount claimed as well as the Startup Funds reference number (listed on the commitment letter). Email the BRR number and total amount claimed to the Office of Research at ORfunds@uw.edu.
  • The Office of Research will complete the BRR and email the Budget Revision number to the Dean's Office.