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SAGE Budget: Preliminary Benefit Rates and Salary Calculations

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 1:31pm

Preliminary Benefit Rates: You may now choose between using current benefit rates or preliminary benefit rates for future budgeting; new budgets will default to preliminary rates.

  • SAGE Budget uses the correct rate based on the period start date when using preliminary rates.
  • You can update your budgets globally when preliminary rates become available.
  • For each person in each period, SAGE Budget displays whether the rate is current or preliminary.

Salary Calculations: In the March release we revised salary calculations to include additional earn types. We have found a few rare cases where SAGE lists inaccurate salaries when the salary distributions have not yet been entered into the HR database. If you find a budget with a missing distribution, for now just manually type in the full salary amount. We anticipate fixing this issue in the next few weeks.

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