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Budget Extension

What is a Budget Extension?

A Budget Extension gives a Principal Investigator (PI) additional time on a project budget number without additional funding.

There are two kinds of Budget Extensions:

  • A "regular Budget Extension" is provided when both the UW and the sponsor approval/notification has been completed and the end date of the project is extended in order to complete the scope of work.
  • A "temporary Budget Extension" is provided by the UW in order to continue the scope of work while you are waiting for sponsor approval to extend.

What kind of Budget Extension do you need?

When the end date of your project budget number is near you may need to extend it because:

  • The project got started later than its intended start date due to sponsor related delays and you need more time to finish. You will need to request a regular Budget Extension.
  • There were delays/interruptions related to programmatic work during the project and you need extra time to finish. You will need to request a regular Budget Extension.
  • Sponsor approval extending the budget period is not yet received or the modification or amendment extending the budget period (with or without supplemental funding) is under review and negotiation in OSP and not yet accepted. In order to keep posting expenditures to the budget number, you need to extend the budget number temporarily. You will need to request a temporary Budget Extension.

When is an Advance Budget Number (ABN) more appropriate?

If your sponsor requires yearly fiscal reporting for a multi-year project, and/or your sponsor does not allow automatic carryover, then segregating annual expenditures in a renewal (different) budget number is required. An ABN is more appropriate if the next increment of funding has not yet been received or processed.

Please visit our Advance Budget Number page to determine if your project is eligible for an Advance Budget Number.

Not Sure If You Need an Advanced Budget Number (ABN) or Budget Extension?

If you are not sure whether you need to request an Advance Budget Number or Budget Extension, then please contact your OSP Program Coordinator. To find your OSP Program Coordinator, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Contact OSP page
  2. Select your campus unit
  3. Find the Program Coordinator listing.

What kind of approvals do you need?

In order to get your budget number extended both the UW (OSP) and the sponsor must grant approval.

UW approval
All Budget Extensions (including those that have already been approved by the sponsor) require full compliance review and approval by OSP.
Sponsor's approval
All Budget Extensions require sponsor notification or approval:
  • Notification - Some Federal sponsors have authorized UW/OSP a right to extend projects given certain restrictions without prior approval from that sponsor. This is part of Expanded Authorities. If your extension request falls under Expanded Authorities then OSP will notify the sponsor after OSP has approved the budget number extension request.
  • Approval - If your award does not fall under Expanded Authorities then prior sponsor approval from sponsor's authorizing officer is needed and may be obtained by either PI or OSP based on sponsor rules.

For how long can I request the extension?

Regular Budget Extension - is generally granted for up to one year. If more time is needed then sponsor approval is required.

Temporary Budget Extension - can be obtained for up to one year per request. PI is required to provide an alternative non-sponsored project budget number. Please keep in mind that GCA cannot invoice the sponsor for expenses accrued past the current approved end date of the project. If the sponsor does not approve the extension request then the department will need to cover the expenses incurred after the current approved end date.

How far in advance should I request the extension?

If OSP needs to request sponsor approval then please allow 45 business days prior to the end date of the budget number for processing. Sponsor systems and processes require lead time for submission and review.

If a temporary extension is requested when anticipating an amendment or modification from sponsor then please allow 30 business days prior to the end date of the budget number for processing.

Please do not request an extension more than 60 days prior to the end date of your project budget as most sponsors do not allow such notifications or request notices at that point.

Note: All Budget Extension requests require complete and accurate information from the department, with regard to business, administrative and compliance information. Incomplete or inaccurate information causes delay and may result in the extension not getting processed prior to the current end date.

How do I submit my extension request to OSP?

  1. To request a Budget Extension and supply OSP with administrative and compliance information, complete and submit the online form.
  2. Once received, OSP will assign the request a reference number (PAC#) which can then be tracked using Status Checker. To get the PAC number, please contact your OSP Program Coordinator.
  3. If required by the sponsor, complete their online request process.
    1. National Science Foundation (NSF)
    2. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    3. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  4. If no sponsor system use is required, please complete the Budget Extension Request Letter (template) to Sponsor and email it to osp@uw.edu.
  5. Email any supporting documents to osp@uw.edu.

What information do I need to have ready before I start the online Budget Extension request?

To complete a Budget Extension request, you will need to have and/or consider:

  1. Is this project an industry sponsored clinical trial?
  2. Detailed information about the award (GC1 number, PI name, sponsor name, sponsor type, award number, project end date)
  3. Detailed information about the budget (budget name, budget number, sub-budget number, budget balance)
  4. A specific programmatic/scientific justification for extension
  5. If you require a temporary extension then you will need to provide an alternative non-sponsored budget number
  6. Significant Financial Interest disclosure information in the Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS) for all Investigators named on the eGC1
  7. Cost share commitment changes that may occur during the extension
  8. Change in level of effort, including cost shared effort
  9. Current HSD/IRB Protocol Numbers and approval dates, if applicable
  10. Current IACUC/Animal protocol number and approval dates, if applicable