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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Acronyms and Abbreviations


A&SCollege of Arts & Sciences (UW)
A-110OMB Circular A-110 addresses the Federal Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements With Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other Non-Profit Organizations
A-133OMB Circular A-133 addresses Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations
A-21OMB A-21 addresses Federal Cost Principles for Educational Institutions
AAAdministrative Action (OSP)
ABRAdvance Budget Request
ADSAdministrative Support (salary)
ADVAdvance Budget (UW)
AGAttorney General
AHAAmerican Heart Association (Sponsor)
AOAdministrative Official (eRA Commons)
AORAuthorized Organizational Representative
APLApplied Physics Laboratory (UW)
AROArmy Research Office (Sponsor)
ARRAAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ASSISTApplication Submission System and Interface for Submission Tracking
ASSTAssistant (eRA Commons)
ATFAfter-the-fact (OSP)
AWFAnimal Welfare Assurance


BAABroad Agency Announcement
BARBudget Activity Report (UW)
BGTOnline Budget System (UW)
BLMBureau of Land Management (Sponsor)
BNBudget Number (OSP and GCA)
BPOBlanket Purchase Order
BRSGBiomedical Research Support Grant
BSRBudget Status Report (UW)


C4CCenter for Commercialization (now called CoMotion)
CAGECommercial and Government Entity
CCRCentral Contractor Registration
CDCongressional District
CDAConfidentiality Agreement
CDCCenters for Disease Control
CFDACatalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CHRMCChildren's Hospital and Regional Medical Center (also called CHMC)
COBClose of Business
COECollege of Engineering (UW)
COIConflict of Interest
CORECollaborative for Research Education
CRContract Request
CRBBClinical Research Budget & Billing; the central office which provides budget preparation and review in support of clinical research
CSCost Share or Cost Sharing
CSRCenter for Scientific Review (NIH)
CTSAClinical and Translational Science Award) - UW's CTSA is called ITHS
CUMGChildren's University Medical Group
CoEnvCollege of the Environment


DARDefense Acquisition Regulation
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DCDirect Costs
DCAADefense Contract Audit Agency
DHHSDepartment of Health and Human Services (Sponsor)
DHSDepartment of Homeland Security (Sponsor)
DOCDepartment of Commerce (Sponsor)
DODDepartment of Defense (Sponsor)
DOEDepartment of Energy (Sponsor)
DOEDDepartment of Education (Sponsor)
DOFDesignated Operating Fund (WA State)
DOHDepartment of Health
DOIDepartment of Interior
DOJDepartment of Justice
DOMDepartment of Medicine (UW)
DORADatabase of Research Activities (UW Human Subjects IRB database)
DOSDepartment of State
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DSHSDepartment of Social and Health Services (WA State)
DUAData Use Agreement
DUNSData Universal Numbering System (federal)
DURCDual Use Research of Concern


EARExport Administration Regulations
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EHSEnvironmental Health and Safety (also EH&S)
EINEmployer Identification Number (the IRS tax ID number for UW)
EIOEquipment Inventory Office
ENSEndowed Supplement (salary)
EODEnd of Day
ESSEarth and Space Sciences
e-GC1Electronic Grants and Contracts form 1 (UW)
e-GC1 numbera number pre-assigned in SAGE which is used to track a proposal (UW)
e-GrantsU.S. Department of Education's online system
e-SHELF A category in the SPAERC system for electronic applications which are approved and submitted but awaiting further disposition.
e-SNAPElectronic Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process
eFAElectronic Funding Action; an action type in the SPAERC system generated to process an award given to the university
eFECSelectronic Faculty Effort and Cost Sharing (UW)
eRA CommonsElectronic Research Administration (NIH)


F&AFacilities & Administration (formally called IDC)
FAFunding Action (UW)
FAQFrequently Asked Question(s)
FARFederal Acquisition Regulation
FASFinancial Accounting System (UW)
FCOIFinancial Conflict of Interest
FDAFood and Drug Administration (federal)
FDPA cooperative initiative among federal agencies and 98 institutional recipients of federal funds which reduces the administrative burdens associated with research grants and contracts.
FDP VFederal Demonstration Partnership V - Regards Government University Research Partnership
FEFully Executed
FECFaculty Effort Certification
FFATAFederal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act
FICEFederal Interagency Committee on Education
FINFinancial Accounting System (UW) the university's online accounting system
FOFunding Opportunity
FOAFunding Opportunity Announcement
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FOPForm of Payment
FPRFinal Progress Report
FSRFinancial Status Reports
FTEFull Time Equivalent
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
FTRFinal Technical Report
FWAFederal Wide Assurance


GAOGovernment of Accountability Office
GCGrant Coordinator (UW Payroll)
GC-1NSF's Grant General conditions eff. 10/01/10
GCAGrant and Contract Accounting (UW)
GCCGrant and Contract Coordinator (OSP)
GCOGovernment Contract Code (ARRA)
GCRCGeneral Clinical Research Center (NIH) - no longer exists and is now referred to as a Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA; called ITHS at UW)
GCSGrant & Contract Services (OSP's old name)
GHCGroup Health Cooperative of Puget Sound (Sponsor and collaborating Seattle institution)
GIMGrants Information Memorandum
GOFGeneral Operating Fund (WA State)
GRSAGraduate Research Student Assistant
GSAGeneral Services Administration
Grants.govWeb portal to 26 federal agencies - find grant opportunities, submit grants, track status


HEPPSHigher Education Payroll/ Personnel System (UW)
HESCHuman embryonic stem cells
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HMCHarborview Medical Center
HRPHuman Resource/Payroll
HRSAHealth Resources and Services Administration
HRSCHuman Resource Service Center
HSHuman Subjects
HSDHuman Subjects Division (UW Office of Research)
HSRCHuman Subjects Review Committee (UW)


I-STARImproving Service to Advance Research Initiative which was initiated by the Office of Research
IACUCInstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IBANInternational Bank Account Number
IBSInstitutional Base Salary
IDCIndirect Costs (now called F&A)
IGERTIntegrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship
IHMEInstitute for Health Metrics
INDInvestigational New Drug
IPIntellectual Property
IRBInstitutional Review Board
IRSInternal Revenue Service
ISBInstitute for Systems Biology
ISCRMInstitute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (UW Institute)
ITARInternational Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITHSInstitute for Translational Health Sciences


JVJournal Voucher


L&IDepartment of Labor and Industries (WA State)
LARLegally authorized representative
LOALetter of Agreement
LOILetter of Intent
LRPLoan Repayment Program (NIH)


MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MRAMMonthly Research Adminstrators Meeting (formally called QRAM when the meetings were quarterly)
MTAMaterials Transfer Agreement
MTDCModified Total Direct Cost
MYFNIH Multi-Year Funded Progress Reports
MyFDMy Financial desktop


NAANon-Award Action (OSP/SPAERC)
NAICSNorth American Industry Classification System
NCENo-Cost Extension (OSP/SPAERC)
NDANon-Disclosure Agreement
NEANational Endowment for the Arts (Sponsor)
NEDNIH Enterprise Directory
NEHNational Endowment to the Humanities (Sponsor)
NIDCRNational Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIH)
NIFANational Institute of Food And Agriculture (USDA)
NIHNational Institutes of Health (Sponsor)
NIHGPSNIH Grants Policy Statement
NIOSHNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NOANotice of Award
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Sponsor)
NOFANotice of Funding Availability
NOGANotice of Grant Award
NOTNIH's Funding Notices, e.g. NOT-OD-11-004
NRCNuclear Regulatory Commission
NRSANational Research Service Award
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSPIRESNASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System
NTTEE-NPCNational Center for Charitable Statistics Codes (ARRA)


OAWOffice of Animal Welfare (UW)
OCRDHHS Office for Civil Rights
OEROffice of Extramural Research (NIH)
OFDIOriginating Depository Financial Institution (refers to ACH)
OHRPOffices of Human Research Protections
OIGOffice of the Inspector General
OLAWOffice of Laboratory Animal Welfare
OPUSOnline Payroll Update System (UW)
OR Office of Research (UW)
ORCAOnline Representations and Certifications Application (this is a federal site where UW is registered to make it reps and certs for federal award/applications
ORISOffice of Research Information Services (UW Office of Research unit)
ORPAOffice of Research and Project Administration
OSOutgoing Subcontract
OSHAOccupational Safety & Health Administration
OSPOffice of Sponsored Programs (UW Office of Research unit)


PAProgram Announcement
PACPost-Award Change (SAGE, SPAERC, SERA)
PAFCOPost Award Fiscal Compliance Office
PANPre-Award Notification
PAPPGNSF's Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide
PCProgram Coordinator
PDFPortable Document Format
PEPartially Executed
PHSPublic Health Service
PIPrincipal Investigator
PITProcess Improvement Team (UW)
PMCPubMed Central
PMCIDPubMed Central reference number (PMCID) unique identifier for articles archived in PubMed Central in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy (mandatory compliance effective April 7)
PMIDPubMed unique identifier (PMID) assigned to each article as it is added to PubMed (will not meet the NIH guidelines)
PMSPayment Management System (Federal draw down system)
POPurchase Order
POCPoint of Contact
PSAPersonal Services Agreement


QRAMQuarterly Research Administrators Meeting. (Now called MRAM because the meetings are monthly) A quarterly meeting for department-level research administrators to disseminate information.


R01A specific funding mechanism utilized by NIH. There are several major R01 grant deadlines throughout the year
RAResearch Agreement
RAAResearch Accounting & Analysis
RCRResponsible Conduct of Research (national term)
RCWRevised Code of Washington
RFARequest for Application
RFPRequest for Proposals
RPPRResearch Performance Progress Report
RSTRetroactive Salary Transfer (UW Payroll)


S&WSalaries and Wages
SAStaff Assistant
SAGESystem to Administer Grants Electronically (UW System in the SAGE Suite used by campus)
SAMHSASubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SBIRSmall Business Innovation Research
SBRISeattle Biomedical Research Institute (Seattle BioMed)
SCCASeattle Cancer Care Alliance
SECSecurities and Exchange Commission
SERASystem for Electronic Research Administration (UW system in the SAGE Suite used by GCA)
SFStandard Form
SF424Standard Form 424 (used with Federal applications)
SFISignificant Financial Interest
SFRSchool of Forest Resources
SHMCSwedish Hospital and Medical Center
SIBCRSeattle Institute for Biomedical and Clinical Research
SIMSSpace Inventory Management System (UW)
SOSigning Official (eRA Commons)
SOMSchool of Medicine
SONSchool of Nursing (UW)
SOWScope of Work
SPAERCSponsored Projects Administration & Electronic Research Compliance (UW system in the SAGE Suite used by OSP)
SPHCMSchool of Public Health & Community Medicine (UW)
SRSignificant Risk
SRASponsored Research Agreement
SROSponsored Research Office (i.e., OSP)
SSWSchool of Social Work (UW)
STSISpace Telescope Science Institute
STTRSmall Business Technology Transfer


T&CTerms and Conditions (of an award or contract)
TATeaching Assistant
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TDCTotal Direct Cost
TINTax Identification Number
TLAThree Letter Acronym
TOCNIH Guide Table of Contents


URLUniform Resource Locator (i.e., website address)
USACEUnited States Army Corps of Engineers (sponsor)
USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture (sponsor)
USGUnited States Government
USGSUnited States Geological Survey
UWUniversity of Washington, with Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma campuses
UWMCUniversity of Washington Medical Center
UWPUniversity of Washington Physicians


VAVeterans Administration
VAPSHCSVeterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care System


WACWashington Administrative Code
WIAPWashington Innovation Advantage Program
WIRBWestern Institutional Review Board (e.g. FHCRC uses this IRB sometimes)
WSIRBWashington State Institutional Review Board (located in Olympia and used for research with state agencies such as DSHS, DoH and L&I)
WTCWashington Technology Center (UW)