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Zipline Conversions

revised July 1, 2019

Update: Converting paper files to electronic files

As part of the transition to the Zipline system, researchers were required to “convert” certain open IRB-approved studies that exist on paper to Zipline’s electronic format. A few paper-based IRB applications have been allowed to continue as paper, instead of being converted into a Zipline e-IRB application. However, the paper and Zipline processes have diverged to an unsustainable point. The database for paper applications in based on 16-year-old software that cannot be updated and is showing clear signs of a limited life.

  • All remaining paper-based IRB applications must be closed or “converted” before June 1, 2021.
  • No new paper modifications will be accepted after June 1, 2020. After that date, paper-based studies must first be converted in order for a modification to be processed.

What to Do

Study Status

Submission Requirements

Study can be closed now.
You can close your application if you have completed all data collection and analysis of identifiable information described in your IRB application.
No conversion required. To do this submit a PAPER APPLICATION: Continuing Review (Status Report), Renew or Close.
Study will close by June 1, 2021.
Keep in mind that no new paper modifications will be accepted after June 1, 2020.
No conversion required. Renew your IRB approval by completing and mailing to the HSD the required number of PAPER copies of the APPLICATION: Continuing Review (Status Report), Renew or Close.
Study will continue beyond June 1, 2021. Conversion is required. Contact your HSD staff team or hsdinfo@uw.edu to discuss the timing and process for converting the application. Conversion applications should be submitted at the time of continuing review, unless you are instructed to submit earlier. Applications must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the expiration date, or there may be insufficient time for the IRB to review and re-approve the study.

Conversion Instructions:

  • Enter the study into ZIPLINE as a “new study”
  • Complete the ZIPLINE web-based SmartForm and upload the ZIPLINE Conversion documents below.
  • Use the Conversion Quick Tips for a successful conversion
  • Do not include information and materials related to research activities that are complete, except as requested in the Status Report form.
  • For more information about Zipline online instructions and tutorials visit the Zipline Online Help library page on the HSD website.

Conversion documents:

  1. ZIPLINE APPLICATION: Status Report, Conversion Study
  3. Consent documents. Consent documents are not needed when enrollment is closed unless enrolled subjects will be asked to consent to new procedures. Consent documents must be current IRB approved version, in Microsoft Word format.
  5. Relevant supporting documents. Other documents, such as advertisements, questionnaires and drug brochures, should be provided for ongoing research activities only. Grant applications, certificates of confidentiality, radiation safety approvals and IRB authorization agreements do not need to be provided.