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Technical Issues FAQs

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I received an error after entering my UW NetID and password. What do I do?

Your UW NetID and password are used to access various programs/sites at the University. Try to access MyUW. If you are able to log in to MyUW, you may use the same ID and password to log into Zipline. Note that Zipline does not work with shared NetIDs.

If you cannot log into MyUW, close your browser and try again. If that does not work, please contact UW IT at help@uw.edu, or 206-221-5000.

If you can log into MyUW, but not Zipline, please contact hsdinfo@uw.edu.

I have a new UW NetID and now I can’t see my studies. Why not?

Zipline access is tied to your UW NetID. HSD cannot link your old and new UW NetIDs. To gain access to your studies, the PI or PI Proxy will need to add you to studies you need to access by submitting study team member modifications.

The consent form watermark is cut off when I print. What do I do?

The watermark located in the upper left hand corner will sometimes be cut off when printing out the finalized consent form. Select “Fit” or “Fit to Page” from the print menu before printing.

I’m having trouble downloading interactive PDFs, like the CHECKLIST: ClinicalTrials.gov and the WORKSHEET: Human Subjects Research. How do I open these?

See this FAQ for tips and tricks based on the browser that you’re using. If you still have difficulty opening the document, contact hsdinfo@uw.edu for assistance.

Printer Version looks jumbled when I’m using Chrome. What do I do?

There is a known issue when attempting to use “Printer Version” with some versions of Chrome. One workaround is when you click on Printer Version -> Print, locate “PrintPageBreak=True” in the URL, and change the value from True to False and then click ‘Print’. Another workaround is to simply use a different browser.

Why am I seeing extra blank space in the study workspace?

This is a known issue in Zipline for users that have many activities available in the Next Steps column of the study workspace. All of the study information is available, but it may require additional scrolling to see it.