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Getting Started FAQs

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I’ve never used Zipline before. What are the top 5 things I should know before getting started?

  1. We recommend preparing the IRB protocol and any other study documents before creating the Zipline application. See IRB Protocol Tips for tips on filling out the form.
  2. Use the help text embedded within the application SmartForm, indicated by a question mark icon, if you aren’t sure how to respond to a question.
  3. The PI or a designated PI proxy must submit the Zipline application before HSD can begin review.
  4. If HSD requests clarification about your study, the PI or a designated PI proxy must complete the Submit Response activity before HSD is able to move forward with the review. If you respond using a comment, HSD cannot take the actions necessary to move forward.
  5. If you get stuck, check out the Researcher Guide or contact HSD staff for help.

I’m a student researcher and I’ve never used Zipline before. What do I need to know?

All undergraduate students, graduate students, residents, post-docs, and fellows must receive faculty advisor sign-off for their Zipline studies before the UW IRB will approve them.

  • List your faculty advisor by name in the IRB Protocol Form.
  • When completing the Zipline SmartForm, DO NOT add your advisor to the Local Study Team Members page. Adding them to this page prevents them from being able to complete their faculty advisor sign-off. If needed, they may be added to the Local Study Team Members page after providing faculty advisor sign-off.
  • Before submitting your application to HSD, complete the Manage Ancillary Review activity to send the application to your advisor for review. See Add Faculty Advisor Review for more information. If you can’t find your faculty advisor in Zipline, he or she must complete self-registration.
  • Your faculty advisor will receive a notification that your study is ready for review once you’ve added the faculty advisor review and submitted the study to HSD. Instructions on completing faculty advisor review are available in the Faculty Advisor Guide.
  • Once your faculty advisor has provided sign-off, the review will show as “Accepted” in the Reviews tab for your study.

screenshot of an accepted faculty advisor review

How do I get access to Zipline?

Zipline users log in with their UW NetID. See how to get a sponsored UW NetID. For example, if you are affiliated with Seattle Children’s, and are requesting that the UW IRB review your study, you will need a sponsored UW NetID. For additional assistance with your UW NetID or password, contact UW IT at help@uw.edu, or 206-221-5000.

How do I get Zipline access to studies that I manage?

When you log in to Zipline, you are only able to see studies that you have been given permission to view or edit. If you only need to view a study, a study team member who can access the Zipline study may add you as a study guest. If you need to edit the study and/or act as a PI proxy, you must be added to the Local Study Team Members page on the Zipline application. See Managing Study Access for more information.

Can I access Zipline on my Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc?

Zipline is accessible from most any internet connection; however there is no mobile version or app. There will be slight differences in how documents open or download depending on the browser used.