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Access and Permissions

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Your access to Zipline is personalized based on your role in the system and the role you play in relation to the particular study record you are accessing. In addition, the actions you can take on a study are personalized.

Role Access
Principal Investigator (PI) The Principal Investigator is listed on the first page of the study SmartForm. The PI has full access to all researcher actions, including submitting new items, submitting responses, designating PI proxies, and editing the submission. The PI is automatically included on all system notifications sent to the study team.
PI Proxy The Principal Investigator can designate 1 or more PI Proxies. PI Proxies:

  • Must be designated by the PI
  • Must be designated on a study by study basis
  • Must be listed as a member of the study team on the application
  • Can complete all actions available to the PI except for designating PI proxies
Primary Contact The primary contact receives all notifications sent to the study team, but is not required to be a member of the study team. The person who creates the initial application is automatically listed as the primary contact, but this can be changed at any time using the Assign Primary Contact activity.
Study Team Member Study team members are added to the Study Team SmartForm page in the initial application. A modification is required to remove or add someone to the study team. Study team members can:

  • View and edit the application

Faculty advisors should not be added to the study team until after the faculty advisor review is complete.

Study Guest Any study team member can add a study guest at any time. Study guests can view the application but cannot edit.
Faculty Advisor or Other Ancillary Reviewer Ancillary reviewers, including faculty advisors, should be added to the application before it is submitted using the Manage Ancillary Reviews activity. Ancillary reviewers can view submissions and submit ancillary review, but cannot edit.
IRB Committee Member IRB Committee Members have viewing access to all applications.  For studies that include you on the study team, you cannot access the IRB reviewer comments.
HSD Staff Access to all applications. HSD Staff cannot edit on behalf of the study team.