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IRB Meeting Overview

The IRB Meeting workspace is your access point to locate:

Table of Contents

Locating the IRB Meeting Workspace

You can access the IRB Meeting workspace by using the link provided by the HSD review team that supports your committee, or by navigating in Zipline.

To navigate to the meeting in Zipline:

1. Select the IRB link in the main menu and then select Meetings

link to meetings area

2. Select the appropriate tab:

meeting area tabs

3. If needed, use filtering and sorting [5] to find the correct meeting

4. Click the name of the meeting to go to the meeting workspace

overview of the meeting workspace

A: Agenda: Link to the most recent version of the meeting agenda, in Word format

B: Minutes: Link to the most recent version of the meeting minutes (only available if minutes have been created by HSD staff)

C: Report: Link to a list of all expedited submissions that have been approved by HSD staff in the last 45 days

D: Agenda Items: Links to agenda items scheduled for review at this meeting

E: Supporting Documents: Links to any supporting documents that HSD staff have attached for the meeting, such as applicable worksheets or checklists, new policies, or continuing education

F: Other Agenda Items: List of any other items for review at the meeting, such as new HSD policies or continuing education

G: Previous Meetings with Minutes for Approval: Links to any previous IRB meetings with minutes that are ready for committee members to review

Reviewing Minutes from Previous Meetings

1. In the “Previous Meetings with Minutes for Approval” section, click the name of the previous meeting

link to the meeting with minutes for approval

2. Click the minutes link to open the most recent version of the meeting minutes as a Word document

link to the document with minutes for review

3. In the current meeting’s workspace, do NOT complete the “Approve Meeting Minutes” activity after reviewing the minutes- this removes the minutes from the meeting workspace

do not approve meeting minutes

Reviewing the Expedited Submission Report

1. In the meeting workspace, click the Expedited Submissions Approved in the Last 45 Days link

expedited report link for IRB members

2. Review the list- note that this contains all submissions approved in the last 45 days, not just submissions approved since the previous IRB meeting

3. For more information, click the name to view the submission