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Faculty Advisor Guide

Faculty advisor sign-off is required for all studies with a student or resident serving as the Principal Investigator. You must have a Zipline account [1] before a faculty advisor review can be assigned to you in Zipline. If you do not have a Zipline account, you must create one before you can be added as a faculty advisor.

You will receive an email notification when you are assigned a study for faculty advisor review. The study will also appear in the My Reviews tab [2] in your Zipline Dashboard. After reviewing a study, you must record your review decision in the system using the Submit Ancillary Review action. If you have been added as a member of the study team, you will need to be removed from the study team before you are able to submit your ancillary review.

HSD may begin reviewing the study in tandem with the faculty advisor review but will not approve the study until the required faculty advisor review has been recorded in the system.

Table of Contents

View Study Information

Studies in Zipline consist of:

screenshot of the 3 parts of a Zipline study

1. In the My Reviews or My Inbox area of Zipline, click the name to open the study

my reviews tab


2. Click View Study to view the study SmartForm and attached documents, including the IRB Protocol Form

Screenshot of the view study button for faculty advisors

3. Scroll through the study information to review. Study documents are linked throughout the form and can also be found on the Documents tab.

4. Exit the SmartForm when you are finished reviewing

screenshot of the Exit button

Submit Faculty Advisor Review

1. In the study workspace, click Submit Ancillary Review

screenshot of the submit ancillary review button

2. Select the review you are submitting, indicate whether you accept the proposed study, and click OK

screenshot of a completed ancillary review activity