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Researcher Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest for researchers may arise due to financial interests, business transactions, or outside professional activities that compromise a person’s ability to properly discharge their official UW duties.

Researchers must be familiar with the UW policy GIM 10,  Financial Conflict of Interest Policy, which is confirmed on the IRB application. Researchers are asked to disclose any potential conflicts of interest via the procedures outlined in GIM 10. When there is a financial conflict of interest, an application will not undergo review until the Institutional Review Board has been notified by the University that the conflict has been resolved successfully within the requirements of federal and state law and University policy.

A non-financial conflict of interest may arise in situations where a subject may experience undue pressure or coercion during study recruitment, consent, or data collection activities, either because he or she is the student, employee, or client of the researcher. Unless there is a compelling scientific reason, the Institutional Review Board will not allow researchers to recruit subjects with whom they have a supervisory or evaluative relationship.

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