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Pub Crawl

Mar 5, 2014 at 12:00am

The research scientist and her colleague were sitting in their favorite pub on the Ave. “Hum…this stout looks good, a 'lovely coffee flavor...'".

"Don't spill it on your laptop." Her colleague had already ordered a liter of the day's special; he'd set it smack in the center of the small table, leaving little room for either of their laptops, which they both had open.

She grumbled slightly under her breath. She was sure her colleague couldn't hear her over the chatter and the rumbling 70's style guitar riffs pumping out over the sound system. "Right, anyway...like I was saying, I've got to get a Status Report into the IRB." She jabbed at her keyboard trying to get the Human Subjects Division web page to refresh. "Isn't there any Wi-Fi here?" She looked around the cozy room hoping to catch someone's eye.

"Nope." Her colleague pulled out his cell phone and waived it around above his head. "I'm not picking up anything."

"Well, my wizarding friend, I guess I can just use the copy that I last saved to my hard drive." The research scientist sighed and swiveled in her seat, this time with more determination to get someone's attention. A person with notepad in hand appeared. "Great, hi, can I get a..."

"Don't do it," The server interrupted.

"What? I just want a pint of..."

"Don't use that form from your hard drive!"

"Whoa, what are you talking about?"

"The Status Report, the Status Report! Download the latest one from the HSD website! That way you'll always have the latest version, with all the latest information, and the Intake Coordinator won't send it back and the reviewers won't email you with a bunch of questions and...what kind of beer would you like?"

The research scientist shook her head. "Wait a second; are you that strange person that's been popping up all over campus?"

"Sorry. Just delivering a message from someone at the bar." The server pulled out a pen. "So, what will you have?"

"So strange..." the research scientist trailed off. She looked over at the crowded bar, but no one looked familiar. Why not just send over a beer instead of crazy advice? She turned back to the server, "Do you have Wi-Fi here?"

"Hey," her colleague spoke up, "close that laptop and order a beer."

"Okay, I'll have what he's having."