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Last Updated 01/31/2014
Version 1.10
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Audiences HSD Staff, IRB Member, Researcher
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TEMPLATE: Assent Form, Blood Draw


This document has sample language at the grade 2 reading level for children to assent to a blood draw.

Change Notes

  • Related to Ver. 1.10, noted 01/31/2014 @ 09:30am
    Changes to who needs to be listed at top of form. Please use this version going forward. No need to change currently approved consent forms.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 1.00, noted 10/19/2013 @ 04:51pm
    Updated name to new naming convention on website.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 1.00, noted 10/07/2010 @ 09:38am
    Removed references to UWise system.
    - sherrye