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Last Updated 02/17/2015
Version 1.40
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Audiences HSD Staff, IRB Member, Researcher
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SOP Humanitarian Use Device


This document describes the policies and procedures about medical devices that have been classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as humanitarian use devices (HUDs).

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Change Notes

  • Related to Ver. 1.40, noted 02/17/2015 @ 09:46am
    Added link to SOP Device Compassionate Use.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 1.30, noted 07/25/2014 @ 11:22am
    Clarity about use of confintuing review.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 1.20, noted 05/30/2014 @ 09:51am
    Additional UW Medicine requirement adde: 5.7
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 1.10, noted 03/14/2014 @ 02:25pm
    Removed language that had been stricken from the document.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 1.00, noted 11/27/2013 @ 02:18pm
    Document newly added.
    - sherrye