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Last Updated 05/31/2016
Version 3.80
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PAPER APPLICATION: Determination, Delayed Onset Human Research


Delayed Onset Human Research (DOHR) is the UW term used to indicate that a federal grant or contract for human subjects research meets the federal regulatory criteria for allowing the funds to be released and used without exempt status or IRB approval. This is subject to the restriction that none of the funds may be used for human subjects research activities.

This multipurpose form should be used only with an explicit written request from a sponsor to request a new Delayed Onset Human Research determination, renew a determination, or close a determination.

This document is for use with paper-based applications only. Do not use with Zipline. HSD accepts versions from 3/27/2015 on.

Change Notes

  • Related to Ver. 3.70, noted 06/11/2015 @ 08:11pm
    Fixed typo.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.60, noted 02/17/2015 @ 09:29am
    Change of process such that a DOHR determination will only be granted if there is an explicit written request from a sponsor.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.50, noted 12/29/2014 @ 09:19am
    Added note that the National Science Foundation does not recognize this status.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.40, noted 02/28/2014 @ 11:09am
    Added instructions regarding renewing and closing and open DOHR.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.30, noted 01/31/2014 @ 10:16am
    Added additional instructions on sending in a complete copy of grant proposal. Okay to use previous version.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.20, noted 11/22/2013 @ 11:52am
    Moved the request for an IRB Application (DORA) number to the top of the form to help with data entry. Please use this version going forward.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.10, noted 10/19/2013 @ 04:38pm
    Updated name to new naming convention on website.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.10, noted 05/31/2013 @ 09:42am
    Updated mailing address information. Okay to use previous version.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 2.40, noted 04/26/2013 @ 11:56am
    Updated from Limited Activities Determination Form, to Delayed Onset Human Research Determination Form. Expanded types of grants this determination is available for. Okay to use previous version, LAD will be slowly phased out.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 2.30, noted 01/17/2013 @ 12:49pm
    Corrections to functionality. Okay to use previous version.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 2.20, noted 11/30/2012 @ 08:29am
    Updated JavaScript and instructions to make it more clear that the form is a multi-purpose form. Okay to use previous versions until 12/31/2012.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 2.10, noted 06/22/2012 @ 08:35am
    Added space for committee designation.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 2.00, noted 05/25/2012 @ 09:15am
    New questions added for Lead Researcher. Structure re-organized for ease of data entry. Do not use older versions of this form. HSD will not accept older versions after July 1, 2012.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 1.30, noted 01/27/2012 @ 08:51am
    Updated signature policy, okay to use previous version.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 1.20, noted 10/07/2011 @ 09:50am
    Added fields for contact information, changed footer such that the cover page does not count in the overall page count - okay to use forms with earlier date.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 1.10, noted 08/18/2011 @ 04:30pm
    Added box for DORA#.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 1.00, noted 07/28/2011 @ 08:43am
    Document newly added.
    - sherrye