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Research involving the Department of Defense

Nov 25, 2009 at 3:14pm
Research involving the Department of Defense (DoD) requires additional compliance activities, documentation, and subject protections. Applicability to exempt research.  These requirements apply to all DoD-related human subjects research, including research that qualifies for exempt status (also called a Certificate of Exemption). Definition of DoD involvement.  Research involves the DoD when any of the following apply:
  • The research is funded by a component of DoD. (Example: the Office of Naval Research).
  • The research involves cooperation, collaboration, or other type of agreement with a component of DoD.
  • The research uses property, facilities, or assets of a component of DoD.
  • The subject population will intentionally include personnel (military or civilian) from a component of DoD.
A DoD Supplement to the IRB application is now posted, to assist researchers and the UW IRB in ensuring that these requirements are met.  Effective immediately, all new IRB applications for research that involves the DoD must include this Supplement as an attachment.  DoD funding:  an additional requirement.  Because of a new DoD regulation implemented this summer, researchers are not allowed to expend DoD funds in connection with a human subjects project until all of the following conditions are met.  Researchers should allow for the extra time this will require.
  • The IRB has reviewed and approved the research (or has granted exempt status).
  • The UW has furnished the DoD component that is funding the research with documentation of IRB approval or exemption.
  • The UW Office of Sponsored Programs has received notice from the DoD component that the UW IRB approval (or exemption) has been received and accepted.
Guidance and more information.  A guidance document is posted on the HSD Policies & Procedures page, which provides more detailed information about the DoD requirements, the questions on the DoD Supplement form, and funding implications.  Researchers should anticipate and plan for these additional requirements, which may require significant consideration in the budget and research timeline (see guidance document).