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Revised HIV Consent Form Template

Nov 3, 2009 at 8:30am

It is UW IRB policy to generally require a separate HIV consent form when subjects are tested for HIV/AIDS as part of a research study.  Note:  "generally" means that there is some flexibility in this policy for consideration of specific circumstances and history.

The UW HIV consent form template has been revised.  The purpose of these revisions is to ensure that this consent template accurately reflects:

  • Significant changes made in the past several years in Washington State laws about HIV/AIDS testing.
  • Significant changes in the health insurance industry with respect with HIV/AIDS.
  • Significant changes in the general perception of, and reaction to, HIV/AIDS.

All new IRB applications submitted on or after December 1, 2009 should use this revised HIV consent template if a separate HIV/AIDS consent form is being used.  HSD recognizes that some long-standing research groups have developed their own HIV/AIDS consent form; those forms may continue to be used with future research as long as they are consistent with the information in the revised HSD template.

For already-approved studies that are still enrolling subjects:  Existing HIV consent forms should be compared with this revised version, to identify any information content that should be changed.  Also, the IRB may require some changes when it reviews a study's Status Report or a Modification.