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Proposal Development
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Prepare Budget

UW OSP has automated part of the budget building process for proposals with the SAGE Budget tool. Learn about SAGE Budget at

With regard to the necessary budget information, it is important to remember that the project must be budgeted in accordance with the applicable policies, rules and regulations of both the sponsor and the UW. For the UW, this includes the requirements of OMB Circular A-21, which defines the rules applied to educational institutions when doing business with the federal government and which is the basis for the UW's costing policies.

Before you start preparing your budget:

  • Review the sponsoring agency guidelines
  • Determine whether the expected award is a grant or a contract
  • Identify any specified target (ceiling) amounts
  • Identify the start date and performance period
  • Identify any budgetary specifications from the agency
  • Check for any agency limitations for facilities and administrative (F&A) costs
  • Identify all required forms, schedules, or cost breakdowns

Supporting Documents

From Gim I, Section III:

TA/RA Salary Schedules

OMB Circular A-21 - Cost Principles for Educational Institutions

For Clinical Trials, get help from the Clinical Research Budget & Billing Support Office (CRBB)

Sample Budgets