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PAPER APPLICATION: Modification, Approved Project


Use this form to request modifications to an already approved IRB application, add or remove research team members, and submit offsite adverse event reports.

This document is for use with paper-based applications only. Do not use with Zipline. HSD accepts versions from 02.28.2020 on.

Change Notes

Revised instructions to describe email submission process – 03.12.2020
Minor revisions to better align paper process with Zipline process to prepare for phasing out of paper applications by June, 2021 – 02.28.2020
Removed all references to Confidentiality Agreements and to state law RCW 42.48 – 07.28.2019
Added directional to changing the PI to match with Zipline process – 06.29.2018
Updated links – 04.28.2017