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COVID-19 Relative Risk Tool for Human Subjects Research


This tool is used by researchers to self-determine whether their (1) new or currently-halted IRB-approved or exempt human subjects research or (2) planned modification that might affect a study’s COVID risks is allowable under current UW Office of Research and Human Subject Division (HSD) guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be revised as information continues to develop and as pandemic conditions change. Do not send this completed tool to HSD and do not upload it to your Zipline application. Contact HSD at hsdinfo@uw.edu with any questions.

Change Notes

Version 1.30 – Important Assumptions – Minor clarifications added; Risk Factor 2 Participant Age – 75-85 revised to 75 and above; Risk Factor 3 Medical Conditions – four options reduced to three, and footnotes significantly revised – 01.22.2021
Version 1.20 – Corrected score for 40-49 year old participants, was 4, should be 2 – 08.19.2020
Version 1.10 – Clarifications on participant older than 85 – 08.14.2020