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Frequently-Asked Questions

Will OSP and GCA still make sure that the budget entered into Workday matches the one that the sponsor included in the award document? Does this process have a way to prevent re-budgeting at the time of award that the sponsor didn’t approve?

If the sponsor has included a budget within the award document, it will still be verified against the SAGE budget. If the SAGE Budget total and the awarded total entered on the award setup request form don’t match, that will be highlighted for you on screen and you will need to correct that before submitting to OSP. Both OSP and GCA will also review the connected SAGE Budget against the sponsor award document, and if there is anything about the SAGE budget setup that does not comply with sponsor terms or UW requirements, they would return the request to you for adjustments or reach out to discuss it further. This would happen prior to any integration with Workday.

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