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Frequently-Asked Questions

Why isn’t my eGC1 eligible for an Advance Budget (ADV)?

  • The sponsor has not granted pre-award spending authority (most contracts and non-federal awards) and the department has not provided an alternate budget number to charge should the sponsor not reimburse costs incurred outside pre-award spending authority.
  • The anticipated award is a federal contract of $100,000 or more, or has a subaward with federal contract funding of $3,000 or more and personnel to be charged have not been verified in the E-verify system.
  • Human subjects research expenditures will be charged, and IRB approval or Exempt Status determination has not been obtained.
  • Animal use research expenditures will be charged, and IACUC approval has not been obtained.
  • An award has already been processed.
  • SFI disclosure and review is not complete.

Review more Post Submission pre-award information.