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When participants cannot come to study locations for continuing studies (updated 03.25.2020)

Some study participants may not be able to come to hospitals, clinics, or other study locations because of infection, self-isolation, travel restrictions, facilities restrictions, being in a COVID-19 high risk group, or the temporary halt to some in-person human subjects research. Study teams should submit a Modification for any alternatives. These might include (but are not limited to):

  • Phone calls, including use of telemedicine options.
  • Use of digital technology to record symptoms (e.g., cell phone photo of a healing surgical wound).
  • Visits from appropriately screened and trained study staff, visiting nurses, home health aids, etc., to conduct study procedures.
  • Providing study medications through an appropriate home delivery mechanism. You should first consult with the entity providing the medication (e.g., UW Pharmacy or Investigational Drug Services; study sponsor) to find out about applicable state and federal laws.
Updated 03.25.2020