Energy Research at the University of Washington


Greener, cleaner, chemical conversions

Brandi Cossairt

Energy Research Area: The Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry of Sustainable Technologies

Record last updated on October 1st 2014 PDT.

Qifeng Zhang

Energy Research Area: Nanomaterials and devices for energy harvesting and storage; Dye-sensitized solar cells

Record last updated on November 29th 2011 PDT.

Thomas G. Spiro

Energy Research Area: Solar hydrogen production using molecular photocatalysts

Record last updated on November 29th 2011 PDT.

Daniel R. Gamelin

Energy Research Area: New Inorganic Materials for Solar Fuel Generation and Efficient Energy Conversion.

Record last updated on April 8th 2015 PDT.

Amy Shen

Energy Research Area: Microreactors for biomasss to biofuel conversion; Nanoporous materials for energy application; large-scale energy storage

Record last updated on November 29th 2011 PDT.

Karen I. Goldberg

Energy Research Area: Catalyst development for converting methane and biomass to chemicals and fuels, materials and catalyst development for hydrogen storage applications.

Record last updated on January 29th 2014 PDT.

Charles T. Campbell

Energy Research Area: Solid catalysts for clean fuels production and pollution-free combustion for power; next generation solar cells (organic photovoltaics); surface chemistry and interfacial chemistry in catalysts and in photovoltaics.

Record last updated on February 7th 2014 PDT.

John J. Rehr

Energy Research Area: Theoretical condensed matter physics: complex materials, excited states, and spectroscopy

Record last updated on October 28th 2014 PDT.