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Edward L. Miles

Energy Research Area: Policies for mitigating and adapting to global climate change, with particular emphasis on water, impacts on marine ecosystems, and all human dimensions. Current project in the making concerns managing human responses to the process dynamics and impacts of ocean acidification.

Bloedel Professor of Marine Studies and Public Affairs

I am the founder of the Climate Impacts Group (CIG) and Co-Director of the Center for Science in the Earth System (CSES), which is located in JISAO and the College of the Environment. We focus on understand the dynamics of climate variability and climate change, both globally and particularly in the Pacific Northwest, and the impacts they generate for ecosystems and human social systems across the region’s hydrology/water resources, forest ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems (both freshwater and marine), and the coastal zone. CSES/CIG works in partnership with a large number of stakeholders at all spatial scales.

The Climate Impacts Group
The Climate Impacts Group

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Challenges Posed by Climate Change in the PNW Coastal Environment Potential Responses to Ocean Acidification CIG and Ocean Health

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