Energy Research at the University of Washington

Brian Polagye

Energy Research Area: Sustainable development of marine renewable energy from currents and wave.

Associate Professor
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

My research on marine renewable energy is broadly divided into two areas. The first is optimization and control of devices that generate electricity from currents (tidal/river) and waves. Explorations center on experiments and are augmented by simulation and field testing. Device scales of interest range from those capable of powering a small sensor package to those capable of meeting regional power needs through large arrays. The second area is instrumentation for marine energy resource characterization and environmental research. This includes developing tools, such as integrated instrumentation packages, that can be used to study the environmental effects of marine energy converters.

A four-bladed helical turbine being tested in a laboratory flume
A four-bladed helical turbine being tested in a laboratory flume

Research Images

Conceptual design for the Adaptable Monitoring Package (AMP), a ROV-deployable instrumentation package for studying environmental interactions with wave and current energy converters

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